Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things About Myself I Didn't Know Until Recently and Random Thoughts

I do not like to have to justify my actions to anyone. Although as an engineer I might seem cold and calculated at all times, sometimes I do things simply because I feel like it.

I have recently realized how much I enjoy being alone. I had not realized until recently this quality about myself. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be a hermit and never talk with anyone, because I enjoy company as well, but I have been in twin turbo overdrive at 273.46 mph for the last week. Although I had plenty of time to myself when doing homework, I do not really consider that 'me time.' I always had somewhere to be, or something to do.

Oh, and remind me not to tell people what to do, or to give them advice unless they ask it. I absolutely hate when people think that they know more than me, or when they think they can do something better than me. Although in either case it could well be true, I could care less. So I'll do my best to return the favor to everyone I know. Just don't tell me that I'm doing something wrong unless it will lead me to serious injury later. If it's just a mild injury, then don't worry about it.

I do not like holding hands.

I do not like people taking care of me.

I guess this goes to show you how independent I really am.

Some of these qualities might seem unreasonable, and I suppose they are subject to change under the right conditions.

I strive to meet a person that is better than me in any and every way. It will inspire me to be as great or greater than they themselves are. Having people look up at me is fine, and I enjoy the feeling of being something to strive for myself, but if I had the choice to surround myself with followers or with leaders, the latter would definitely win.

I think that it is a good idea to end a relationship when it is causing you more stress and concern than it is happiness. People tell you that you should stay in it "for the experience" but what's experience without enjoyment? Oh, thats right. So you know not to do it again. Wow. I am either a total weirdo, or am far too wise for my age. Avoid relationships? It doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Focus on school. I need to think some more about this, and consult people who would like to give me advice.

As I previously stated, I do not like advice unless I ask for it. So this is me asking for it.

What would you do if a relationship was causing you more stress than enjoyment?