Monday, June 25, 2012

New Goals and Re-Introduction

As I have recently become more goal and achievement oriented, I decided to start writing blog posts again to keep myself accountable for the things that I say I am trying to achieve. Among them are these goals:

1.) Become a great chef.

I recently started reading some material on cooking. I'd give myself a 3 in the kitchen, 1 being most of the youthful women I've met in the last few years, and 10 being the King, Bobby Flay. Needless to say, I've got some work to do. I can cook a mean steak, 'wok' some magic with stir fry, and make some pretty simple pastas as long as I don't have to cook the corresponding sauce. I'd say my main problem is that I'm not educated well enough on different foods and what goes good together - this leads to a lack of creativity in the kitchen for fear of ruining an otherwise delicious meal. While in LA, Brian, Ian, and I hatched the idea to start a dinner club. Twice a month (or more, depending on how popular it becomes) we'll get about 8 people to pitch in 10 bucks each, so we can buy some ballin' food. We will decide beforehand who is going to cook and assist (we don't want a power struggle while a steak is burning). I'd like my nights as master chef to be requested and appreciated by all who participate in it.

My goal will be complete when I can continually cook unique, delicious, high class, presentable meals, all without the assistance of a recipe or a culinary consultant.

2.) Weigh 185 by graduation (May 2013).

This is one of the more difficult goals I have set for myself, as I have been consistently gaining 10 pounds per year I have been enrolled in college. Weighing in at 165 now, I'll let you do the math.

There is an implication with my goal weight, however, that requires me to be lean in addition to massive. I'd like to be sub-8% body fat when I achieve my goal. This will require eating clean, eating a lot, and working out consistently. My goal roughly equates to gaining 2 pounds a month. Doesn't sound like much, does it? The most difficult challenge is eating, by far. I literally need to force food down my throat, because if I wait for hunger to motivate me, a.) my muscles are already experiencing a state of catabolic breakdown, and b.) I won't reach my caloric goals for the day.

3.) Maintain a healthier lifestyle.

I'd like to cook delicious and fresh meals for myself many times a day. This will save money, but certainly not time. I need to be able to plan ahead more effectively in order to avoid leaving my house to eat at a restaurant or fast food place. I'd also like to sleep less in the night. As I currently am, I tend to sleep 11 hours if left to my own schedule. My body seems to function fine with 9, but I think I should be able to comfortable operate on 7 or so. The most difficult challenge is always waking up. I have the willpower of a crack addict trying to quit when I wake up in the morning. This is mainly due to the fact that my circadian rhythm is set to "Sleep at 2, wake at 11" which I'd like to set back by 4 hours at the very least on both sides. Ideally, I want to sleep when I'm tired, whenever that might be, and wake up at 5. It's a bit of a necessity waking up early in Tucson, because it helps to work on cars when you're not in the dead 110 degree heat.

The first day is always the hardest. I suppose that's tomorrow.

I'd like to stop drinking. It's an incredibly difficult thing to do, especially when most of the people in your life are college students. You can only say I'm not drinking so many times before friends stop calling you for anything, let alone parties and club gatherings. It's also difficult to exclusively stop because I'm not an alcoholic. There are no negative effects of drinking on my social life, I don't yell at my friends, smash stuff, or fight cops. When a person says "I don't like to drink" it's often interpreted by others, and society in general, it seems, as "I don't like to have fun." I'd rather spend an early Sunday morning rock climbing or working on my car than sleeping away a hangover. To each their own, I suppose.

4.) Learn more than all of my other classmates in college.

It's not about a grade. If you understand the material, grades will come naturally. I'm tired of being focused on how well of a grade I will get on an exam. If I understand what is taught to me, I am sure I will do well on exams and homework.

I'm hoping anyone who still reads my posts will be able to hold me accountable for the things I have said here, I don't want to let anyone down, and especially myself!

Live well, laugh much, and love often,

Donovan Morgan